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Plate Glass Insurance

Plate glass insurance is a cover that protects against loss of or damage to fixed plate glass caused by accident…

Bonds Insurance

The purpose of bond insurance is to protect third parties in respect of loss suffered as a result of the failure of…

All Risks Insurance

Is a type of property insurance covering loss arising from any fortuitous cause except those that are specifically excluded….

Burglary Insurance

Provides indemnity against loss or damage to property following forcible or violent entry or exit from insured premises…

Fidelity Guarantee Insurance

This policy provides cover against loss of money or business stock that arise out of dishonesty of employees…

Public Liability Insurance

Provides indemnity to the insured (or in the event of his death, his legal personal representatives) for claims…

Marine Insurance

The policy covers goods, freight and other interests against loss or damage whilst being transported by rail…

Work injury Benefits Act

Our Work Injury Benefits Act (WIBA) Protection provides for compensation to employees for work related injuries….

Fire Insurance

This policy will indemnify the insured against the loss of or damage to the property insured arising from fire….

Engineering Insurance

Engineering Insurance is a type of insurance that provides coverage for many hazards associated with engineering. It covers industrial machinery failure...